CentOS 8 how to compile: Step-by-step

Tested on CentOS Linux release 8.3.2011


Update CentOS:

[root@ ~]# yum update -y
[root@ ~]# yum clean packages
[root@ ~]# yum clean metadata
[root@ ~]# yum clean headers
[root@ ~]# yum clean all

Install wget and tar

[root@ ~]# yum install wget tar -y

Install Go (compiler)

Latest release here: https://golang.org/dl/

[root@ ~]# wget https://golang.org/dl/go1.16.4.linux-amd64.tar.gz

Extract archive to desired location. In the below example, the archive is extracted to /usr/local

[root@ ~]# tar -zxvf go1.16.4.linux-amd64.tar.gz -C /usr/local/

Setup Go Environment variables

GOPATH - From /root

[root@ ~]# mkdir go

GOROOT - place the following command in $HOME/.bash_profile file to keep persistent across sessions.

[root@ ~]# nano .bash_profile
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin

Check Go Environment variables

[root@ ~]# go env

Note: If you see a "bash go command does not exist" error, reboot server and try again.

Verify Go installation

[root@ ~]# go version
go version go1.16.4 linux/amd64

Install git

[root@ ~]# sudo dnf install git -y

You can confirm that you have installed Git correctly by running the following command:

[root@ ~]# git --version
git version 2.27.0

Download git repository

[root@ ~]# git clone https://github.com/PeernetOfficial/Cmd

Change directory to Cmd (location of source code)

[root@ ~]# cd Cmd


[root@ Cmd]# go build
go: downloading github.com/PeernetOfficial/core v0.0.0-20210415105906-ce2d3309af30
go: downloading gopkg.in/yaml.v3 v3.0.0-20210107192922-496545a6307b
go: downloading golang.org/x/net v0.0.0-20210414194228-064579744ee0
go: downloading github.com/btcsuite/btcd v0.21.0-beta.0.20210401013323-36a96f6a0025
go: downloading golang.org/x/crypto v0.0.0-20210322153248-0c34fe9e7dc2
go: downloading golang.org/x/sys v0.0.0-20210415045647-66c3f260301c
go: downloading lukechampine.com/blake3 v1.1.5
go: downloading github.com/pkg/errors v0.9.1
go: downloading github.com/PeernetOfficial/core/dht v0.0.0-20210410140655-6a9d16717779
go: downloading github.com/klauspost/cpuid v1.3.1

Check output

[root@ Cmd]# ls
Cmd 'Command Line.go'  go.mod  go.sum  Main.go  README.md  Test_test.go

The output results in the Cmd binary.

Rename Cmd to Peernet

[root@ Cmd]# mv ./Cmd ../Peernet
[root@ Cmd]# cd ..
[root@ ~]# ls
Cmd go go1.16.3.linux-amd64.tar.gz original-ks.cfg Peernet

The mv command moves the Cmd binary name to /root and renames it Peernet.

Run Peernet

[root@ ~]# ./Peernet
Peernet Cmd 0.2
Please enter a command:
help              Show this help
net list          Lists all network adapters and their IPs
status            Get current status
chat              Send text to all peers
peer list         List current peers
debug key create  Create Public-Private Key pair
debug key self    List current Public-Private Key pair
hash              Create blake3 hash of input
warehouse get     Get data from local warehouse by hash
warehouse store   Store data into local warehouse
dht get           Get data via DHT by hash
dht store         Store data into DHT

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