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Technical Roadmap & Current Version

This is the roadmap outlining technical features for each stage. Please note that everything is work in progress and the roadmap is subject to change.

  • Alpha 1 - Command-line only.
    • Supports only direct connections where port is externally accessible (forwarded)
    • Proof of concept of the communication protocol and initial peer discovery.
  • Alpha 2 released on 10.05.2021: Improved connectivity.
    • UDP hole punching
    • UPnP support
  • Alpha 3: Released on 29.07.2021: Built-in debug tools, new analytics site ->

High-level timeline - subject to change! Do not nail us to it; some features may take longer than anticipated, some required several iterations, priorities might change etc. The timeline should be updated every quarter to reflect the latest changes and outlook.

Latest update of the roadmap: 03.08.2021


  • Current high-level todos:

    Improving Connectivity

    1. UDP hole punching: Since most regular machines will be behind a NAT and firewalls, we need embedded UDP hole punching support in the protocol. Tracked here:
    2. UPnP: Use the UPnP protocol to forward ports at routers when supported.

    Both these tasks are part of the alpha 2 release.

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    Just released alpha 2! As per the roadmap it provides improved connectivity. It supports UPnP and UDP hole punching.

    You can try out Peernet by using the command-line client:

    See the thread "Command-line Client" in this forum on how to compile it, where to download the binary, and how to use it.

    The core library is here:

    Next alpha version 3 will include:

    • Minor code cleanup (removing some complexity around sending packets)
    • Embedded debugging tools: Granular log output, packet decoding visualization (for troubleshooting), connections tests
    • Root peers: Collect statistics of daily/weekly/monthly active peers and output as HTML graph

    The previously planned next version that includes the blockchain for publishing files metadata is pushed back one release. The slide with the timeline in the first post will be updated to reflect that. This intermediate release will make sure that the Peernet network remains easy to maintain and debug.

    As more users will join the network there will be more complex edge cases to handle that will include special firewalls, symmetric NATs, special local network setups, corporate proxies, DMZ, all kinds of infosec appliances, network rate limiting, etc. Embedded debug tools will be essential to troubleshoot these cases.

  • Alpha 3 was released on 29.07.2021! It has embedded debugging tools that will help in debugging issues like connection problems, finding keys in the DHT, etc.

    With it comes a new analytics site

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    Alpha 4 release to be announced.

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